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For all those Gamers Out There! :)

This goes to all the gamers out there who are struggling with gaming or even motivated about gaming, but they just can't perform very well in it. And then again you ended up being disappointed! Please don't be disappointed in yourself. The more disappointed you are, the worse it will get. 
So how do you exactly get rid of it? There are actually two things you can do about it. First, don't give up, keep practicing. Secondly, the most important thing is to take good rest! Don't just keep playing back to back! When you play back to back you become dull since you lose interest. You actually end up losing the fun. 
Remember one thing, games are meant to be played for fun! Don't take it too serious. Rank up, but don't put your life into it. 

I play Counter Strike Global Offensive, but not too much. I just play it occasionally. Its fun! Its amazing game. Plus, I get to talk to people. Sometimes, we lose the game just because we are all busy laughing so much tha…

Thank you for reading! - We have reached 1000+ Views!

Many Thanks!

I would like to take out time for people who actually went through my blogs and read post. I would say I'm more than just happy about it. For my followers and readers, I have actually received 1000+ views and I can't express my feelings! 
For all those people out there, please fight for your goal, if you won't then who will? Don't give up. Don't try to find easy ways out, when I started this blog, I had 50+ views and now its 1000+. Its a big example. I know its less, but something  I'm grateful for, I wouldn't be able to achieve this without you guys commenting on my blogs and actually taking time to read it in your busy schedules.
Whenever you are going to be at your low, one thing will always appear on your mind, " I should QUIT", at certain extend, you might even wish to put a full stop to your own life! Please if you are out there, having the same situation, don't even for a second let that thought come into your mind, don'…

Motivational Love

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. -
George Sand It has been 3 years exactly that I'm in love with a person who loves me back as much as I do. It would be a lie or fairy tale if I say that we never had issues. We had fights, and I will openly admit that it was me who created all the mess, everytime, each time. What can I do? I'm a short tempered person. But, the person with me, is something from a different dimension, She would be the first one to break the ice and apologize for her wrong doings, even though, its never wrong. Its all on me. She does that because she cares about me and she understands my nature *smiles*. I know its really wrong, but maybe I'm just like that, but don't judge me, I have changed. Now I try my level best to avoid every issue. My first year you can say its fresh love and Yada Yada. But now it has been quite long, shes the only one I look up to if I face any problem. I love helping her out. I'm no longer a sho…

I'm not interested in this, I'm not interested in that, but I'm interested in this.

Most of the times, when we fail at something, we decide to blame it on our interests! These are the exact same thing, we chose to say 

"I'm not interested in this, I'm better at that, If I was there, I would probably *Something Awesome* "  Basically, what you are doing here, is just covering yourself, rather than facing reality. Your day starts with failure, and you ends up with blame. 
This goes out to most of the students across the globe studying something about which they are not passionate at all. They either study it because their parents force them to, or fate takes you there somehow. 
You can deal with this situation with two ways, either face it, or cover your face. Yep, you heard me. A lot of you might even defend this situation by saying, " Yeah, you can't do anything in which you are not interested at all." If you just look at yourself in a mirror, you will realize that you are a HUMAN!
We, humans, are capable of doing everything, that's…

Motify - Where Motivation Begins - Believe in yourself, Don't Give up, Key to success!

Most of us have been in a situation where we see life falling apart, right in front of our eyes. The key over here is, 'DONT PANIC, DONT WORRY'.

You might be wondering why shouldn't I? You see people in front of you, with big cars, TED Talks, and other major conferences. Or probably as a Gamer of Counter Strike:Global Offensive, or Defense Of the Ancients or League Of Legends, you look up to champions and think why can't you be like them? You look at their game-play and you think you are better than them!

"You might be better than them!" Get rid of it, or you will never be able to put your life together. Don't look up to people, look inside you, find your potential and weakness. I know you might be thinking that its lame to find your potential and weakness. I can't overcome my weakness, its not easy. But, what I'm about to tell you might surprise you!

When people ask you to find your weakness or strengths, look deep inside, everyone has a great pot…