I'm not interested in this, I'm not interested in that, but I'm interested in this.

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Most of the times, when we fail at something, we decide to blame it on our interests! These are the exact same thing, we chose to say 

"I'm not interested in this, I'm better at that, If I was there, I would probably *Something Awesome* "
 Basically, what you are doing here, is just covering yourself, rather than facing reality. Your day starts with failure, and you ends up with blame. 

This goes out to most of the students across the globe studying something about which they are not passionate at all. They either study it because their parents force them to, or fate takes you there somehow. 

You can deal with this situation with two ways, either face it, or cover your face. Yep, you heard me. A lot of you might even defend this situation by saying, " Yeah, you can't do anything in which you are not interested at all." If you just look at yourself in a mirror, you will realize that you are a HUMAN! 

We, humans, are capable of doing everything, that's makes us better than any other species existing in the world. Lion eats meat, it cannot eat grass. Why? because its not a human. If it was a human, or probably had a brain like human, he probably would take a day off from meat and go for grass, be friendly with the deer, zebras or buffalo around him 

But I will tell you a cheat code, if you are in the same situation. All you have to do is trust me because... 

Been There, Done That
First, be calm. Accept the change in your life. You wanted to go for Arts, but you ended up in Engineering? or you wanted to be a software engineer, but you ended up being a doctor instead? ( My case ). In most of the central asia, or ASEAN family, this thing still exist in 2017, parents pressurize you with their dreams. And out of respect you just accept it physically, but mentally you are still stuck in your interest. Your interest makes you blind enough that you are not able to see the positive side of it. 

I am going to give you a real life example, I'm not interested in being a doctor, but I ended up somehow. And I always wanted to be anything that's related to computer. Just like others I wanted to be a part of Microsoft, Razer or even Google, I would work their even if they offer it for free. But now its not possible, however I have made my own field, I call it "DocComp" (Doctor + Computer), I taught myself Photoshop, C++ and I'm in midst of learning Adobe Aftereffects and the list goes on. 

You might be thinking, that I'm crazy or wasting time, but trust me, I have earned enough of internet that I can say I'm happy in both world. I visit different forums everyday, take assignments, do them for fun and practice, and get paid back in return! Totally worth it! 

So all I would say is, whatever you are doing, if its not interested to you, find something in that. Relate it. Find the brighter side of it. Don't worry about your GPA or CGPA if its lower than others, because you are better than them in some other field. Another major point, when you go for employment you will find out that employers actually love people who are multi-talented rather  than the ones who are just good in one field. Your chances of getting a job at lower GPA is relatively higher than a guy with 4.0 GPA. 

Don't let your interest die, otherwise you will die from inside. Always look on the bright side! :)


  1. There is always something to do. Just do it. Paint,look out the window, self-pleasure, whatever. When you stop everything, you are dead already. Nobody says you must do anything, Just be warned.

  2. Definitely, Give your best! :)


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