Motivational Love

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. -

George Sand
It has been 3 years exactly that I'm in love with a person who loves me back as much as I do. It would be a lie or fairy tale if I say that we never had issues. We had fights, and I will openly admit that it was me who created all the mess, everytime, each time. What can I do? I'm a short tempered person. But, the person with me, is something from a different dimension, She would be the first one to break the ice and apologize for her wrong doings, even though, its never wrong. Its all on me. She does that because she cares about me and she understands my nature *smiles*. I know its really wrong, but maybe I'm just like that, but don't judge me, I have changed. Now I try my level best to avoid every issue. My first year you can say its fresh love and Yada Yada. But now it has been quite long, shes the only one I look up to if I face any problem. I love helping her out. I'm no longer a short tempered person.  Plus, people look up-to us. It feels great!

The thing is, most of you may have story just like me, and most of you don't. Cheating, social issues and many other issues might be the reason you don't end up together. Don't be disheartened with this, just keep yourself positive, and remember

Whatever happens, Happens for good!

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