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Many Thanks!

I would like to take out time for people who actually went through my blogs and read post. I would say I'm more than just happy about it. For my followers and readers, I have actually received 1000+ views and I can't express my feelings! 

For all those people out there, please fight for your goal, if you won't then who will? Don't give up. Don't try to find easy ways out, when I started this blog, I had 50+ views and now its 1000+. Its a big example. I know its less, but something  I'm grateful for, I wouldn't be able to achieve this without you guys commenting on my blogs and actually taking time to read it in your busy schedules.

Whenever you are going to be at your low, one thing will always appear on your mind, " I should QUIT", at certain extend, you might even wish to put a full stop to your own life! Please if you are out there, having the same situation, don't even for a second let that thought come into your mind, don't waste money on anti-depressant medication or psychiatrist. If anyone can heal you, its you. And eventually everything heals up with time, All you have to do is give time to that! 

If you wish to reboot your life, start it with your relatives, your parents! your friends! If you happen to have any bad incident with that, and even if its their fault. Don't give up on them, in fact, give up on your pride and go talk to them. Trust me, everyone needs everyone at certain point of life. Don't wait for them to be on their knees in front of you. If you help them, you will have internal happiness. 

I am at that stage of life, that as a university student, I just help people even if it takes the full strength out of me. At some points, I can't focus on my studies. From what I think is, Its not the money or education that makes you an amazing person. Its your act, its your words that makes you amazing. When you help them, just make sure to have one thing in your mind

"Never to expect help in return"

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