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For all those Gamers Out There! :)

This goes to all the gamers out there who are struggling with gaming or even motivated about gaming, but they just can't perform very well in it. And then again you ended up being disappointed! Please don't be disappointed in yourself. The more disappointed you are, the worse it will get. 
So how do you exactly get rid of it? There are actually two things you can do about it. First, don't give up, keep practicing. Secondly, the most important thing is to take good rest! Don't just keep playing back to back! When you play back to back you become dull since you lose interest. You actually end up losing the fun. 
Remember one thing, games are meant to be played for fun! Don't take it too serious. Rank up, but don't put your life into it. 

I play Counter Strike Global Offensive, but not too much. I just play it occasionally. Its fun! Its amazing game. Plus, I get to talk to people. Sometimes, we lose the game just because we are all busy laughing so much tha…